Application and Removal

Extend the life of your nail wraps from to 2+ weeks with our directions and tips below.

1) Start with clean nails. Swipe your nails with alcohol or nail polish remover before application to remove any lotions or natural oils.

2) Apply a nail strengthener or a base coat of your choice.

3) Choose the right size wrap for your nail. Each set comes with 16+ nail wraps. 

4) Remove the protective clear cover, and then peel the nail wrap off the white backing from the silver tab. 

5) Place the nail wrap onto the center of your nail, avoiding your cuticles and skin. Smoothing the nail wrap from the center to the sides of your nail.

6) Trim the excess nail wrap with nail clippers or scissors.

7) File the nail wrap to be consistent with your nail length. 

8) Apply your favorite top coat for added durability.

Tip: Avoid hot water for a few hours after applying to ensure the nail wrap fully adheres.


Gently use the wooden stick to lift the side of the nail wrap off your nail. Use your preferred nail polish remover to dissolve the adhesive under the nail wrap. Let the nail wrap slide off your nail. Refrain from peeling the nail wrap off to not peel your natural nail.